Refund and Returns Policy

We usually deliver to our regular services within 5 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours by your registered email.

For 3rd party approval services (Like bank account & seller account- we will done our applying process within 5 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours and we will send you the mail access to check yourself we have done our work or not)  you may have to wait 24 hours to a ( There are some sites that complete their verification in 1 to 24 hours, And there are some sites that take a maximum of 7 days- Therefore delivery depends on the completion of the verification) maximum of 7 days.

Once your payment is complete,We will deliver the service to you via your mail within the time mentioned above.

If your service is not delivered on time



Each service has a warranty period, ( you must need to follow our using guide ) Please check service descriptions.

Only If we don’t able to deliver our service / product in timely, Then you will get a full refund- Or if you want, you will get the opportunity of replacement or exchange.

We don’t have any returns policy.

After we deliver our service – you must have to notify us within 5 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours with all proof about our service is not working properly, We will must provide you Replace.

Yes, you can exchange after buying any service! Exchange possible if unfortunately we unable to deliver your Specific service, or If there is a problem with the service we provided, You will definitely get the same amount as any other service exchange.